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New Zealand's AI Landscape: A Local Perspective With Professor James Maclaurin

In this episode we explore the AI landscape in New Zealand in a fact based and insightful discussion with Professor James Maclaurin of The University of Otago. The discussion is based on the findings of two published research reports: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Jobs and Work in New Zealand and Government Use of Artificial Intelligence in New Zealand.

Creating Digital First Products and Services with Ai and Automation

Andrew Mitchem, co-founder of TFTC Pattern Trader, a semi-automated FOREX trading platform underpinned by machine learning and predictive analytics, shares his journey creating digital first product based on AI and Automation.

Conversational AI: A Global Perspective With CX Automation Leader, Liam Delap

The customer experience is now a strategic battleground and Conversational AI is the enabler for personalised customer experiences, at scale. Liam Delap, Customer experience and conversational AI evangelist shares his views on how Conversational AI is re-shaping operating models and the customer service landscape.

Data & AI Competitive Advantage: A Global Perspective From Weka's Ken Grohe

According o Forbes 60% - 73% of all data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics. Ken Grohe, president and chief revenue officer for data storage solution Weka discusses the impact of data on the future of AI, the new scale of data for businesses and the next generation of technology data storage and operations.

Intelligent Automation: A Global Perspective With Colin Priest

Colin Priest, Chief AI Strategist for global machine learning technology platform DataRobot shares his views on Intelligent Automation hitting topics like global adoption, barriers to adoption and ethics in AI

Intelligent Automation - The Future For Business Process Automation

In this episode we share our thoughts on the definition of Intelligent Automation, why it's important, what it will deliver for businesses and most importantly how it could work.

Delivering Immediate Value and In-Year Pay-Back with Automation

Part three in a three part content series. Automation is a strategic lever that will help innovative leaders drive rapid change to expedite the speed of transformation and support short-term business imperatives. Implemented correctly, Automation has the potential to provide immediate benefit with in-year pay-back on the total cost of ownership. We discuss an Article on this topic the three critical elements that make success possible.

Can Automation be a Saviour for NZ's Economy Post-Covid?

This is the 2nd article in a 3-part content series. Part one addressed the growth in the global RPA market, followed by this article which explores how automation will support businesses through the coming challenges associated with Covid-19 and the impending recession. Garry Green shares his views on how automation can support businesses, accelerate recovery and provide more resilience to handle future shocks.

Robotic Process Automation: Market Growth and Adoption Trends

Based on HfS data, since 2017 RPA has maintained a compounding annual growth rate of over 30%, that's projected to continue until 2023. This week we talk with Martin Milthorpe, ANZ Partner Manager for UiPath and discuss the key market growth and adoption trends for RPa which are influencing New Zealand businesses.

Top 5 Business Process Automation Trends For NZ in 2020

Here’s our view on the top 5 digital process automation trends that will shape 2020 – and ways which Kiwi businesses can capitalise on them. Digital process automation is real; With a rapidly evolving market and technological changes local businesses have to adopt future-ready operating models to remain relevant and sustainable. And business process automation is one important tool which offers that. Kiwi businesses need to consider how they’re going to embrace it to remain competitive.

Artificial Intelligence for Financial and Insurance Services in New Zealand

In November 2019 The Ai Forum (New Zealand) released their report, Artificial Intelligence for Financial and Insurance Services in New Zealand. Russell Berg gives an overview of the report and shares his views of the findings.

5 Steps To Transform Your Business Through Automation

Adam discusses the his views on how to approach automation including how to think about the potential with five clear steps for businesses to take to successfully transform an operating model.

Key Learning and Takeaway from the Ai Summit - San Francisco

Russell shares the top 10 take-aways from the Ai Summit – self-proclaimed the world’s largest AI event for business. Insights range from the emerging ethical issues of AI to the data which fuels Ai tech and the impacts on business models like people and organisational structures.

DX Talks: Why Automation Projects Fail

Adam Taylor discusses the massive changes to our workforce as result of the fourth industrial revolution and changing expectations, the role intelligent automation will play in operating models and five critical steps to help businesses avoid the pitfalls of automation.

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